Coaching and Courses

  • Have you been floating through life on autopilot?
  • struggling to enjoy life or work?
  • feeling anxious or lost with your current situation?
  • Are you looking to find meaning and purpose?
  • you may need to consider steps to improve your wellbeing

I offer courses based on the science of wellbeing, happiness and flourishing.

They can be taken through:

  • Self-guided online learning
  • Online supportive groups
  • 1-1 online
  • In-house private group
  • I coach others to understand where they currently are with their wellbeing and identify where they want to be.
  • I teach skills and tools to allow others to experience wellbeing, happiness and flourishing.
  • Then coach them to develop a plan of action for how they will get there.
  • Ongoing coaching assists them to get there.

“In times of difficulty, it is not what happens to us, which affects how we manage, but where we focus our attention.” Candice Sunney